Applying for a U.S. Copyright license:

Thank you for your interest in the works owned by Cooper Ministries Publishing (CMP). We hope the information you find here will be helpful to you during your recording process.  Accessing this site indicates that you are interested in either: (1) obtaining permission to duplicate or use Cooper Ministries Publishing's songs in some way; or, (2) obtaining information about the songs we control or publish.

The following license applications may be submitted directly to our office for proper licensing consideration. Please understand that these are ONLY APPLICATIONS and their purpose is to provide CMP with the information necessary to CONSIDER issuing you a license. Also, it is extremely important that the information provided is complete and accurate. If you would like to use more than one song on the same product, fill out the application as many times as needed with the same information.

If your application is approved for licensing, you will receive a license within 4-6 weeks. If we are unable to grant permission for the use described in your application, we will let you know within 2 weeks.  Please do not send money until the project is completely finished.  Details are included on the license.

1) Mechanical License Application:  Use this application to apply for permission to record a song for duplication in any audio format such as cassettes, CD's or MIDI files.  The current statutory rate is $.091 per song up to five minutes and a different rate for any song over 5 minutes.

2) Print License Application:  Use this application to apply for permission to duplicate a song or lyrics to a song in any type of printed product.

3) Synchronization License Application:  Use this application to apply for permission to duplicate an Cooper Ministries Publishing recorded composition in ANY audio/visual product such as videos, television (or radio) broadcasts or live performances.  All liturgical dancing videos that use any of our compositions MUST request a synchronization license application.

All instrumental compositions are included for any licensing.