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New Book featuring Pastor Haywood Henderson, Jr.

Coach Johnny Carter features Pastor Haywood Henderson, Jr in his new book, "The First Season". Soon it will become a movie. God bless the coach and all involved in this wonderful endeavor. God bless Pastor Henderson!

Pastor Haywood Henderson was known as "Hollywood" Henderson during his teenage/college days of basketball. Coach Carter could not believe the skills these young men had for the game of basketball. They played it because they loved it as a favorite hobby, but they did not understand or know the rules of the game. Carter took them to the top by teaching them the actual game. This is his book featuring the team of the century.

To know Pastor Haywood Henderson, a pastor, preacher and wonderful man of God, you would never have known. He gave up the game for God when his life was almost taken from him in a tragic car wreck during his college years. Today he is the pastor of two churches and is very sincere about the call of God. But before he heard his call, he was "Hollywood" Henderson, the basketball pro.


The First Season brings back many memories of my playing days in the 1950s and of the people and teachers who helped shape and form who I am today. - Carroll Dawson, Senior Consultant, Houston Rockets, Former Assistant Coach, Houston Rockets, Retired General Manager,Houston Rockets

A championship read, written by a championship coach, about a team of champions! - Dr. Charles Breithaupt, Executive Director, University Interscholastic League, Austin, Texas

Coach Carter helped me prepare for life with lessons from the basketball court. - Sam Worthen, Harlem Globetrotters

Coach Carter's unique story combines the rich human relationships of "To Kill a Mockingbird" with the sports drama of "Hoosiers". - Rick Sherley, Executive Director, Texas Association of Basketball Coaches, Sugar Land, Texas

This book is a good learning tool for coaches, players, and fans. - Guy V. Lewis, Retired Head Basketball Coach, University of Houston


   THE FIRST SEASON  The True Story of How a Rookie Coach Took a Newly  Integrated Team to a Texas State Championship

Pastor Haywood Henderson, Jr. the second player from the right


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