Dee Cooper-Durden

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Some Music Ministry Highlights

Dee is a singer/songwriter, musician, speaker and author who has given her heart, mind, body and soul to Christ Jesus. She has given much, but received little in return knowing that the true reward is Heaven.  Her first group was formed when she was only twelve. She supports the ministry of her parents and family and has sung and performed for many years in many churches.  Moving from Houston to Austin in 1983, Dee met The Durden Family. She recorded for the first time with The Durden Family in 2001, God Sent Me An Angel. Dee co-wrote and sung the popular song on the CD, We Give the Glory. Dee performed with The Durden Singers at the Gospel Sunday Brunches: Rudy's, Threadgills, Stubbs and The Annual Music Festivals, etc. In 2003, Dee recorded her solo album, The Lord is My Shepherd and in 2005 she recorded the full CD The Lord is My Shepherd Live and published two books, Detours to Destiny. Eugene Foley, a pro in the industry, evaluated Dee's music giving her high scores putting her in the professional league. Northeast In-Tune Magazine stated, "The message in Dee's music is positive, spiritual, and life-changing." Dee also received an "Arranger Agreement" from BMG Music Publishing and an Endorsement from Christian Music Presenters (CMP) for musical excellence, ministry readiness, and spiritual integrity.

Ministry Purpose

Dee is blessed with numerous talents and abilities which include originality, creativity and the spiritual ability to uplift others with her words and ideas. Her ministry's true purpose is inspiration and motivation.  With her innate spiritual strength and acute awareness of others, Dee has always had a positive transformative effect on other people's lives. Her highest potential in life is to lead others to enlightenment through her inspirational music and writings.  She is a conduit of spiritual information and feel a great need to transform the world with her visions. Her goal in life is to uplift the spirits of others especially during hard times such as now.  Even as a youth, she inspired and motivated others with her creations and optimism.   Dee is aware of how the power of a negative thought or image will utterly destroy potential.  Her CD, "Get Over It", was written to restore balance to ailing individuals from every walk of life.

Artistic Goals

Being a biblical truth seeker who is endlessly fascinated by human nature, Dee imparts the kind of wisdom that can never be taught in schools.  Through her art, music, and writings, she is destined to uplifts others. She is described by her peers as kind, considerate and compassionate as well as smart and blessed with literary and artistic gifts.  Her singing has been described by her listeners as remarkably anointing, "hair-raising" and "spine-chilling."  Focusing on spiritual guidance, then artistic goals, Dee knows how to make "things happen".  She is an exceptional Spirit-filled, Spirit-led beautiful lady who expresses herself best through the arts of singing, speaking, teaching, writing, designing and composing.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Sam Houston State University, 1975-79

Counselor Intern
Sam Houston State University CADAC Educational Program
Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Bexar County Transitional Living
Associate Degree in Christian Studies and Bachelor's Degree in Church Ministry
The Sure Foundation Theological Institute
Certified Pastoral Addictions Counselor "CPAC"
National Board of Addictions Examiner 'NBAE"

Church Member/Activities:
Musician, Revivalist, Soloist, Youth Leader
Galilee, Centerhill, Noble Temple Churches
Supt. Noble L. Cooper, Groveton-Crockett District
Bishop Rufus Kyles, Presiding

Singer, Bishop's Choir Soprano, Mass Choir
The Potter's House of Dallas
Bishop T.D. Jakes

Musician, Soloist, Writer, Poet
Tate Music Group, Kortney Shepherd
Gospel Lighthouse Church
Rev. Haywood & Bettye Cooper Henderson, Jr.


Certification: Certified Pastoral Addictions Counselor, NBAE
Certification: Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Intern, TCADA
Ministerial License and Studies: The Sure Foundation Theological Institute

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Tate Music Group, Music Label, 2011
Cooper Ministries Music Publishing, ASCAP 2011