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Tate Music Group is committed to excellence in the music industry. Our staff of highly trained professionals, including music producers, graphic designers, and marketing personnel, work together to produce the very finest music product available. Tate Music Group and its parent company Tate Publishing reflect the philosophy established by the founders, based on Psalm 68:11, “The Lord Gave The Word And Great Was The Company Of Those Who Published It.”

Why sign on with Tate Music Group?

Here are a few of their offers from their website:
Tate Music Group partners with its artists to provide them with the production, manufacturing, distribution and promotion they need to succeed in today's music industry.  Regardless of the style of your music, we are interested in hearing from you.
With Tate Music Group, you remain in control.
Tate Music Group is a family-owned, Christian company eager to partner with you to produce, market, and distribute your music.
Tate Music Group is interested in the potential of every artist and does not take on every project that is submitted.
At Tate Music Group, we understand the importance of radio exposure and the power of having your music heard on air.  TMG is committed to gaining and growing radio exposure for all of our artists.

Release Date: 2011-06-21

Tate Music Group's CD Release Information for GET OVER IT by Dee Cooper-Durden