Purpose of the CD

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THE SPIRIT SPOKE, Tell them, "It's Time To Get Over It"

The Spirit of God is here upon the face of the Earth and He is exercising and manifesting Himself through the people of God. The people of God are His chosen people, His remnant. The Spirit of God is speaking to the seeking saying to all “Get Over It”. The things that would cause you to be condemned, give them an eviction notice immediately. The things that bind, weaken, and confuse you - drive these things out of your life and get over the past. Get over the heartache of that divorce, the liars, the abusers and accusers. Pray for the help of God to overcome. Get over it before it takes over your life, your soul, your mind and your heart. God is a Mighty One, the Hope of Glory. He is a Man of War. Yes He carries battles.

“I can tell you the beginning from the end said the Lord. Get Over It! That horrible incident, that setup, that lie they told on you - get over it! Yes I know that you created and implemented a youth program to save the youth but someone stole it and gained millions and instead of offering you a better or higher salary or job offer, you were rewarded termination. How many years ago was that? Get over it! I will repay! I see the unfairness, the inequalities, the injustice, the wickedness and the witchcraft. Let me handle it all My people who are called by My name. Get over it and leave it alone. Get over it and turn it loose. Put it in MY HANDS. Don’t wait until it has completely destroyed your soul. Always know that your soul is worth more than all the diamonds and gold in the world. “What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet lose his own soul? Get over it now. It doesn’t prosper you, edify you, or build you up."

One day, God will say, “It is done”. Jesus has already told us that: “It is Finished.”  The Son was speaking about the greatest mission in the world: The Crucifixion. Now, in this Third Era, this late hour, God is speaking to the nations, humanity, the “apple” of His eyes and the scripture declares, “Judgment begins at the house of God first.”


The prophetic message from God provoked the artist to write the songs and remain persistent in pushing them regardless of the blocks and hindrances on every hand.  If you see unusual information, it is evident of how difficult the enemy made it yet God prevails and divine prophecy will come to pass. 

Copyright, 2005-2012 Deather Cooper-Durden
Tate Music Group, Music Label, 2011
Cooper Ministries Music Publishing, ASCAP 2011