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Accepted God’s Call to the ministry at age 32 and conducted first revival. Great excitement stirred the city of Crockett, Texas. The revival lasted 28 nights and 28 souls were saved and many were healed. This same year, Cooper was appointed by the Administration as the pastor of his first church.

For the first time known in history, it was a success. He was sent by leaders to build a holiness church in the city of Groveton, Texas, a place called "the cousin to Hell." In spite of irate groups gathering together against him with firearms to put him out of the city, God worked a miracle and saved the people instead. Holiness was born in that city. This is the famous place where he hooked up his guitar and the young people starting gathering to dance, but realized "this is a preacher." When he played his guitar and sung, it pierced their hearts.

This is where it is told still by them today that he and his wife would wait until after the games for the youth to make it to church. Groveton still has not recovered, but yet has it’s mark of this ministry that only they can really tell you how it really happened. The church is known today as The Noble Temple Church of God in Christ because of the unique and remarkable move of God by the works of this man of God.


Ordained into the ministry of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. by his pastor, Supt. C.J. Jones of Ft Worth, Texas. Same year, appointed superintendent over the Groveton District churches of the East Texas areas.


Appointed pastor of the Galilee Church of God in Christ succeeding brother, Rev. I.C. "Shane" Cooper, father of Supt. Connie L. Cooper. Special requests came from wife, Routine Cooper, widow of Rev. I.C. Cooper, that he be the successor of her late husband. Supt. Cooper rose to the call with a new dream and came to love the Galilee church, city and community. He conducted revivals in a place there called "Sandy" and brought it new people and many more souls down through the years.


Orchestrated the building of a new sanctuary for Noble Temple Church. Same year, builded the Centerhill Church in the Beria Community. Supt. Cooper often raised the funds or acquired the loans himself for the building of the churches and assisted with the carpentry. He appointed Rev. Haywood Henderson over this church and today it is under the leadership of Rev. Jimmy Hadnot.


Orchestrated and administered the building of the Kennard Church of God in Christ. Appointed Rev. Carl Strong and Sis. Inez Strong to pastor this church. Today, Eld. Haywood Henderson, Jr. and Bettye Cooper-Henderson are the leaders of this church.


Cooper was assigned to the Tucker Church of God in Christ of the Palestine-Tucker area. The church was thought beyond repair due to a split. The COGIC leaders sent him because of the severity of the problem confident that he could save the church. The church members had already vowed to walk away. Cooper came in, brought the people back together in love, remodeled and beautified the church and pastored there at least 13 years. This church turned out to be one of the most loving and supporting churches that he pastored.


Cooper said that God showed him a dream letting him know that it was time to build another new house, but this time, for the Galilee Church. In October, the new building was complete. This beautiful church still stands and looks beautiful today. Supt. Cooper, as the faithful and loving members have stated, did it all. First, he went to the banks to acquire the loan, then bringing it to the people and let them sign it. Then he did everything within his powers to get the church loan paid off.


Church mortgage for the Galilee Church was burned. After hosting dinners, banquets, and several special efforts, Cooper reached the goal. God had given him a plan and a strategy to build a new church with members who were no well off, but small town people.


Birthday commemoration hosted by Rev. Terry L. Cooper held at the Galilee Church.  See the webpage dedicated to the service, Precious Memories.

On July 10, daughter, Dee Cooper-Durden holds a "live recording" in honor of Supt. Noble Cooper featuring his spiritual style of playing by the Cooper Guitar Jamboree, leading Leonard Simpson, his nephew of Houston, Texas. Eld. Terry Cooper was installed at the Galilee Church by Bishop Rufus Kyles, Jr., Saturday, 9/11. Supt. Kurt L. Thompson is now the Presiding Supt. Of the Groveton District, now the Groveton-Crockett District, succeeding Supt. Cooper and Supt. Hamilton.


The Gospel CD in honor of Supt. And Mrs. Noble L. Cooper by daughter Dee Cooper Durden, relatives, and friends debuts this year along with the Book, "Detours to Destiny,". Stay Tuned to the COOPER MINISTRIES! Cooper always had a dream of a Crusade.

The books, Detours to Destiny, dedicated to the ministry of Rev. and Mrs. Noble L. Cooper published May, 2005.  Purchase at,,, and




Recipient of the Great Humanitarian Award of the Churches of God in Christ

Recipient of the Great Leader Award of the Groveton District Churches

Recipient of the Special/Honorarian Award by Bishop Rufus Kyles

Served ___ years at Centerhill

Served ___ years at Noble Temple

Served ___ years at Galilee Church

Served ___ years at Tucker Church

Served ___ years at Kennard/Gospel Lighthouse

A Divine Message:  Follow their example.  Follow after Love!
Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.  Follow their example.  Follow after Love!
And though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.  Follow their example.  Follow after Love!
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.  Follow their example.  Follow after Love! Love endures all things.
I Corinthians 13

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