Preacher, Humanitarian

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Say yes! Yes!  Yes!  Say Yes!  Do you love Him, Do you love Him!  Afterwhile, Afterwhile!  



Here, Supt. Cooper is honored with the Great Humanitarian Award by Dr. C.C. Owens of the Workers Guild of the International Churches of God in Christ.  This service was held at the Church of the Living God in Crockett, Texas orchestrated by Dr. C. J. Jones, his pastor and friend. 
Elder Cooper ministered to more than his own churches and family.  He would help all those in need who called on him.  He made the house calls for the sick and shut-in.  He gave to the community.   He restored families, churches and marriages.  That, among other unselfish deeds earned him this unexpected award.  He has been given several awards for his works, courage, and faith.

At the time of receiving this award, he was the Pastor of three churches, all in differrent locations:  Huntsville, Crockett-Beria, and Groveton Texas.  He was later appointed to the Tucker Church near Palestine, Texas.  He managed to pastor all four churches at the same time.

He traveled near and far, in state and out.  People were so excited to receive him and Evangelist Dorphine Byrd-Cooper in places such as Arizona, California, New York, and of course "all over Texas".   Their son, Rev. Carl Cooper of California stated this about the revivals they conducted in Arizona:  "The people here in Arizona act as if Jesus has come to town.  They are lining up just to be touched by him." 



Before salvation, he sung the Blues, "Good Morning little school girl", but at the age of 19 he made a change.  God changed him.  He has a skill to play a guitar to sing joy into the downcast and brokenhearted.  He knows how to lift your spirit up and win souls.  His songs yet ring in hearts today:  You've Got to Move, Just One Moment in God's Kingdom, When Your Way Grows Dark and Dreary - Go Ahead; This Train is a clean train; I Wonder; Something Gotta Ahold on Me, etc.  His songs radiate Love, Joy, and Consolation.
Some of his famous sermons were:  Am I on the right Road, Must I look for another;  Be content;  When I am weak - Then I am Strong, And a Highway shall be There; etc.  His first message was, I Know the Lord will Make a Way.  He brought the house down in 15 minutes at one of the State Conventions of the Presiding Bishop J. Neaul Haynes, Sr.  That was a great moment! 


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