Poetry Dedications

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He was always ready and on the go

This we say because this we know

But this is why we love him so

What can we give, what do we owe?

He couldn’t stay still for very long

Most of the time he was always gone

If not gone, he was on the telephone

Helping people from night till dawn.

We owe our lives, we owe our peace

From the eldest one even to the least

North and South, the West and East

His ministry still continues to reach.

City or country, South far down

Far up North, and all around

Someone somewhere can be found

Saved because he came to town.

He was always ready and on the go

This we say because this we know

But this is why we love him so

What can we give, what do we owe?



There will be no more sorrows

No more sickness or pain

All things will be made beautiful

When Christ comes back to reign

So LOOK UP into the Heavens

From whence all help shall come

For our Father watches over us

May His will always be done.

9/6/97, By Dee



I am crucified with Christ

Nevertheless, I live

I bow down in His presence

My soul, my heart I give

I am persecuted and cast down

Troubled on every hand

If He does not deliver me

I know without doubt He can

The Lord has heard my call

The Lord has received my prayer

I stand in awe and sin not

For I know my God is there

My mourning, He turns to dancing

He gives me peace and rest

After the trials of my faith

After the fiery test.

By Dee



David, shepherd, psalmist, musician

A cunning player of the harp

With the anointing of God, he played

He mastered instruments of art.

Noble, shepherd, teacher, musician

A cunning player of the strings

With the anointing of God, he played

He also mastered many things.

King Saul was bound in spirit

An evil spirit that troubled him so

That this shepherd son of Jesse

Played his harp and made it go!

Sinners were bound in spirit

Evil spirits that troubled them so

That this shepherd son of John

Played his guitar and made them go!

By Dee



Together they walk in His footsteps

Righteousness shall be their crown

Everlasting life is destined (Dan 12:3)

For those who are heaven-bound.

They will be as stars in the firmament

In great brightness, remarkable glare

Turning many souls to righteousness

They will shine far beyond compare.

Pressing forward onward the journey

As they continue standing strong

Thorns and thistles along the way

But yet singing a precious song:

A better country belongs to me

The Golden City of God

Mansions, crowns, rewards I see

After rapture to our dear Lord.

Beyond the sun above the clouds

He will open the heaven's door

My citizenship shall be Heaven

Where trouble will be no more.

God's workmanship of excellence

In morals bonding Christian love

With sweet qualities of godliness

And holy knowledge from above.

He called them to proclaim the gospel

To declare it to all fallen men

To this day they're doing God's work

And many are delivered from sin.

By their hands miracles are wrought

Thru their lives of constant prayer

Leaders of this type are hard to find

They're unique, they are very rare.

They shook a wicked town, Groveton

By faith, in Palestine, they raised the dead

In God's power, they traveled near and far

And many sick ones came off their bed.

Let's pray that God will uphold them

And endow them more strength and power

To keep them going no matter what

As we approach our final hour.








There are so many, many people who are thankful for you

For you have fervently prayed the souls of thousands through

When I was your little girl, I often caught you crying

But no matter what the situation you never stopped trying

Your first-born child, Bettye, was not expected to live

But you spoke to God saying, "This child to You, I’ll give"

So God spared the premature baby and He made her well

God always came through for you—He hath never failed.

You have suffered much sorrow, sickness, pain and trouble

But because of your faithfulness, God has blessed you double

You have conducted many holy revivals from week to week

And God has used you miraculously, yet you’re holy and meek.

Sinners have seen visions of you lovingly warning men

They’ve returned to church with testimonies of deliverance from sin

Today they stand in pulpits as the messengers of God

They proclaim to the world that they have a change of heart

You have displayed the strength and faith of Deborah showing no fear

When you rescued your second son, the one so very dear

You entered back into your home as it was swiftly burning down

You brought him out of danger until he was safe and safe.

One the night of the terrible fire I saw you sitting there

Reading your holy bible, my little eyes gave you a stare

But you did not notice me there, I was only age three

You guided my brother to holiness after this awful tragedy.

You have Queen Esther’s wisdom and Disciple Tabitha’s skill

You have the beauty of Sarah and a righteousness that’s real

The creator gave you great visions when you were very small

A little white lamb appeared at your feet confirming your call.

When I was severely ill and the doctor’s gave me up to die

You made a solemn request to God that he would not deny

There’s no one else quite like you, Mother, no, not any other

You’re truly awesome, Love, you’re more than just a mother.

Dorphine Byrd-Cooper


I have not met a woman yet

Who has done what she has

I have not seen one so clean

Who has done what she has

I do not know one so whole

Who has done what she has

From a child alone, abandoned

To a woman anointed of God

She has put forth her life

As sacrifice to her Lord.

Severe childhood mistreatments

She placed her hands in Christ

And told Him, "If you save me,

I will dedicate to you my life."

This is why she's pressed on

In spite of all the lies

And held on to God's Hands

No matter how Satan tries.

She stands firm on God's word

She prays the sinners through

She helps the lost find Jesus

She knows how and what to do.

She teaches strong the word of God

And her life is spiritually led

She has not respect of persons

Many she has blessed and fed.

I have not yet met anyone

Who shows so much care

To her most vicious enemies

Of whom she's quite aware.

She continues to nourish her children

Her motto is "To Go through"

Thank God for our First Lady

She's faithful and she's true.

A precious jewel she's called

What a way for us she has paved

Ministries would not exist today

If she had not been saved.

For if not for our First Lady

Where would we and others be

As a girl she prayed for our pastor

And God joined them for this ministry.




Death's spirit was in the house

We could feel it in the air

Yet we were totally unprepared

We were unaware

I, at the age of three

And Perry, being only five

Did not know the terror

Of what would soon arrive.

Mother must have felt it

Some unseen dreadful power

For I can clearly remember her

Quietly reading her bible.

Timed moved on and on

And my father left the house.

My brother, Lo, left with him

The horror will now arouse…

All of sudden came a burst of fire

The fire grew fierce and wild.

Mother struggled to rescue us.

Marve Nell grabbed the child.

Safe and sound, we felt

As we sit upon the ground

But somehow not relieved

In some way we were bound.

Then we heard a distressed cry

Who could this possibly be?

Hadn't Perry left with father and Lo?

Or could this cry be he?

With the house full of flames

And the memory days before

Mother by her faith in God

Walked thru the flaming door.

She searched the smoke-filled house

For her eyes could not see

Then she came upon Perry

By God, they came out free.

Five year old Perry asked Mother

What must I do or say.

For I want to give my life to Jesus

And live for Him every day.

And Mother said to Perry

"Go to him and pray".

He, being only five years old

Knew not what words to say.

Mother told him: "Say, save me Lord"

And Perry said the same

In the beauty of Holiness

He was saved in Jesus Name.


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