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Rev. Terry Cooper was recently assigned to lead the Galilee Church of God in Christ, Huntsville, Texas, 2004 due to Supt. Cooper's illness.  Rev. Terry is a dynamic preacher, a professional Bass Guitarist and his wife, Missionary Barbara Edwards Cooper is a choir director, musician and soloist.  The couple have two girls, Tia and Teresa.  Tia was recently married to a minister of the gospel who is also a minister of music, musician and soloist.   All have recorded songs with various groups.  Rev. Terry's wife, Galilee's first lady, Barbara Edwards-Cooper has been in the ministry all of her life just as her husband with her parents and family, The Edwards.


Rev. Haywood Henderson, Jr. is the pastor of the Gospel Lighthouse Church and he also oversees the Centerhill Church - carrying on the ministry in the abscence of Supt. Noble Cooper.  Elder Henderson is the husband of oldest daughter, Missionary Betty Cooper Henderson.  This couple is the extension of Supt. and Missionary Noble L. Cooper, Sr.  When all others moved away, they have remained and supported the church and all our families down through the years.  They have worked for several years alongside Supt. and Mrs. Noble L. Cooper, Sr.  Missionary Henderson is a great teacher and a scholar of the Word of God.  Rev. Henderson is a walking miracle once given up to die due to a car wreck.  Our dad and mother prayed for him when he was still single and living in sin.  God spared his life and he has been on fire for God ever since. 



Rev. Noble Cooper Jr. is the assistant pastor of the Inspirational Temple Church in San Antonio, Texas.  He is a guitarist and he holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii.  He and his wife were both Coast Guardsmen with the U.S. Military Services.  His wife, Jennifer is a dynamic speaker and she hold three Bachelor degrees.  They have three sons, Noble III, Norman, and Nathan and one grandson.
Rev. Carl Lawrence Woodard,  husband of our baby sister, Dorothy were recently married at the home of Marva Cooper Ware.  Rev. Woodard is a gospel preacher and soloist.  We are yet to learn more about his talents.
Evangelist Dee Cooper-Durden is a recording artist, musician, and poet.  She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and is a Certified Pastoral Addictions Counselor through NBAE.  She has conducted revivals, held a crusade, implemented workshops and summer camps for young people, and is presently working on her new book soon to be published entitled, DETOURS TO DESTINY:  Pits, Pens, Caves, and Dens.  She has been working on this project for many years.  Her first CD single iss entitled, "The Lord is My Shepherd".  Her new CD, "Get Over It" is scheduled for release by the end of 2004 by Good Shepherd Productions of Houston, Texas featuring Dee, Jackie Bennett, and The Cooper 5 Guitar Jamboree.  Her husband, Anthony Durden, son of Bishop Albert Durden is a bass guitarist and recording artist with the Durden Singers of Austin, Texas.  They have one daughter, D'antionnette.
Minister of Music, Carl E. Cooper, is a dynamic motivational speaker and recording artist.  His first single CD, "God is a God of a Second Chance" is a wonderful success, recorded in California.  He is currently attending the West Angeles Church in California where the Bishop Charles Blakes is the pastor.  Carl a poet and professor at the Southwest College of California.  He holds a Master of Arts and Education.  Carl is single.

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